Who are You?

See Impressum.

Why are You so cheap?

We are not so cheap anymore.

What about Intellectual Property?

If not explicitely specified otherwise, then everything what we do for our clients belongs fully to our clients.

What does bs mean?

Browserseconds (or "bs") is an intuitive metrics used for evaluation of popularity of a website or another digital medium. It is calculated by multiplying the number of visitors with the temporal duration of their visit. Thus,

1 bs = 1 visitor * 1 second
under such definition, 3600 bs are equivalent to 1 visitor browsing the site X during exactly one hour (one hour = 60 * 60 seconds = 3600)or to 3600 visitors visiting the site for one second, or to something in between (e.g. 60 visitors browsing for one minute etc...)

The notion of "browsersecond" was first introduced in May 2016 on the website of the project sk16. It is licenced under CC BY NC SA licence.

What does A.E. mean ?

AE means "Anno Epoche". It is a datation system for globalized informatic era which is supposed to replace older datation systems (e.g. A.D.) with a religion-agnostic standard.
AE reference date is 1st January 1970 A.D., also known as UNIX Epoch.
Epoch is a de facto standard reference date in all dominating programming languages and operating systems.

Why is this whole website so horribly green?

Because in heraldry, green is meant to symbolize hope. And because we love Tom Bombadil. What about You?