wizzion.com 2014 prices

Our prices are calculated on the base of minimal french salary (SMIC) which is 9.53 eur/hour in 2014.

Consulting Services

ServicePrice per hourDescription
Basic IT-audit&strategy consulting21.4 eur (SMIC * 2.3) Auditing the current state of client's IT-system architecture and proposing & advising possible minimal adjustments to attain client's goals.
Advanced IT-strategy consulting30.5 eur (SMIC * 3.2) Advices & solution prototypes concerning client's needs related to
1) machine learning
2) knowledge extraction from Big Data
3) semantic technologies
4) recommendation engines
5) natural language processing
CryptoCoin strategy consulting9.53 eur (SMIC) Assessing pros&cons of client's entry to the Bit/Terra/LiteCoin markets and possible technical solutions to do so.
Under normal circumstances, consulting services are realised by means of skype videoconferencing and the final price for consultation is calculated according to length of the call in minutes. In case of connection problems, the price shall be reduced accordingly. First skype consultation is always free.

In case of personal consultations, priority shall be given to clients willing to participate on the transportation fees.

Data-Modeling & Programming Services

ServicePrice per implementationDescription
Scrapper420 eurIf You need to scrap some data from some obfuscated webs, we can do it for You.
Manual Annotation Tool690 eurA web-based (Perl/SQL) application to facilitate the manual annotation of Big Data corpora by team of collaborators.
Vector space on measure777 eurUnifies all client's data in a geometric framework allowing to execute state-of-the-art (semantic) similarity queries.
Social Network #11000 eurDeployment of a price-winning Kyberia social network engine to attain client's intranet or internet objectives.
Computer Vision Classifier4200 eurTraining an ad hoc CV classifier for an object of client's interest. We guarantee >50% precision and >50% recall.
Basic Android App2300 eurBasic application of your choice for smartphones runnning Android OS.

Other services

ServicePrice per implementationDescription
Automatic Data Analysis & Audit200 eur / GigaByte of data Statistical analysis and discovery of basic recurrent patterns in client's textual or numeric data.
Expert Project Paperwork100 eur / standard page In case our data-modelling & programming services are integrated by our clients into bigger projects (national, European etc.) we can furnish them documentation rigorously consistent with investor's output/livrable document criteria.
3D Presentation70 eur / 10 slidesClient gives us data-to-present and we make a presentation which go well beyond standard PowerPoint techniques. Example here.
Going Android?1000 eur / app versionAdapting client's C/C++/Java application to Android environment.
We can offer numerous other IT-related services, from web administration to full-fledged artificial intelligence security audits, do not hesitate to ask us!


We are willing to offer discount up to 50% to charity organisations or Non-Governmental Organisations and activist groups. Individuals unjustly discriminated or prosecuted can get discounts up to 90% when asking us for help to pass their message.

Other questions? See our FAQ section.