Kyberia - a problem child?
presentation made by
Daniel Devatman Hromada

for the purpose of
Festival SELF 2014
7.9.2014, Bratislava, Slovakia, Union
half-slovak/half-czech origins, "postavicka" z Petrzalky, middle class, Evanjelicke lyceum, Bc. in humanities from (Charles University), Bc. in linguistics (Universite de Nice), Master of cognitive sciences (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes), M1 in comparative grammar, stipendist of french gouvernment, double PhD. candidate (cybernetics at FEI-STU, psychology at University Paris 8) - topic of thesis: Evolutionary modeling of ontogeny of linguistic competence, Zoroastrian, European nationality, leftist but antibolshevik, happy and proud father and partner, Berliner, founder / first senator / consul of
Not-so-long in a city not-so-far-away

* *

The sole objective is to attain sexual intercourse with feminine readers

last sentence of the text syntax (2002) article (

mission accomplished (c.f. forum "Vsetky cecky ven!";)

what else?

  • psychedelic experience, city of Prague, Zivel mag
  • first (tripper's),
  • / / / /
  • Douglas Rushkoff (Cyberia), Timothy Leary (Chaos & Cyberculture), R.A.Wilson (Illuminati trilogy)
  • Asimov (Foundation), William Gibson (Neuromancer), P.K.Dick, Neal Stephenson (Snowcrash), Matrix
Cyberspace:A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts...Unthinkable complexity. Lines of light ranged in the nonspace of the mind, clusters and constellations of data. Like city lights, receding.

Definition by William Gibson
  • domain given as a birthday gift
  • 2000 - static html page;2001 - flash animation page
  • first hosted in Canada, then on Johny's
  • autumn 2001 - Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace
  • 23.2.2002 - launch of PHP-based dynamic website
  • 2002 - 2003 "Golden age" of kyberia?
  • people attracted: real-life friends, IRC folks, alternative-info seeking surfers, friends of friends...
  • 9.11.2002 Kyberia v0.23 mindfuck session in old (>300 participants) /id/21894
  • 5.5.2003 1st slovak Million Marihuana March - purely kyberia organized /id/63634/
First sprouts:
  • drugz (psychedelics, smart drugs, ecstasy tests)
  • science (A.I., nanotech, mathematics, quantum physics)
  • the edge (anti, hack&crack, phuck off, freetekkno, media&society, interviewz)
  • philosophy (god, taoism, soul&spirit, posthumanism)
  • texts (essays, short stories, books, perl players, manifestos)
In v1 only discussion under articles and journals where arborescent (threaded). In v2 more structured categories like Future, Compz&Net, Halusky, Music, Litterature etc. were added into tree 101.
  • only admin (I) could add articles, people could write zurno (later such texts shall be known as "blog")
  • threaded discussions under articles and zurnos
  • flat (unthreaded) forums
  • "book"-marking of interesting forums
  • welcoming bot (ubik)
  • creation of user password-protected profile (registration)
  • friendship links
  • ability to see who is where (section "people"), ability to see who is in the forum with me
  • interuser mail
...that's practically all You need to have a nice proto-community
v.2 ergond's crypt
Kyberia as You (still) know it
  • basic inspiration: Shambhala (44.5976319,110.2735842,384) + Wittgenstein's Tractatus + ergond's (in memoriam) cwbe
  • cwbe: cube within a cube within a cube within ...
  • kyberia: node within a node within a node within...
  • The central Architectural doctrine: All nodes are FUNCTIONALLY identical.
  • No difference (on the database level) between Nodeshells (categories), Forum, Blog, Submission, File, Template, Friendship link, User's profile...
  • a "social graph" 4 years before fckbk monetized the term
  • Local (private/moderated/public) and External access rights
  • tree /id/101 blooming; trees /id/102 (hysteria), /id/103 (SlobodnaVolba), /id/809096 (Empire State of Sabotage)
  • protector-based registration
(K)arma, (K)redit, (K)ill feature, (K)ravina
  • something like facebook's "like" feature (developped in period before facebook existed)
  • any user can give 1K to any node
  • hitparade of K-ed nodes: meme-broadcasting machinery
  • Pareto distributed (nodes with more Ks get more Ks)
ujo Hovorka po kyberanskej akcii posli pohladnicu - 295k
v2.3 solon's revenge
Current version of kyberia,
  • deployed on 1.11.2005 (/id/1961192), after third planned one-month shutdown
  • Templates: Kantian distinction between what things ARE and how they APPEAR
  • other new features: "consciousness" (a K-derivative), "put", k-wallet, code-is-content, event execution rights
  • limited K distribution (23k daily), writing a node costs 1k
  • the birth of Senate
a failure???
Solon was an Athenian statesman, lawmaker, and poet. He is remembered particularly for his efforts to legislate against political, economic, and moral decline in archaic Athens. His reforms failed in the short term, yet he is often credited with having laid the foundations for Athenian democracy...

  • term "Senate" too roman, kyberia prefers greek "Agora" (yes! ;)
  • currently 16 senator-votes needed to become a new senator
  • 270 senators, many of which being old-school v1 "matricians"
  • practically no executive powers ;( (only bright exception: PDM)
  • additional layers of institutionalisation ( Kuloare /id/1963268 )
  • important opinion aggregator and ostracisation-justification tool
...after completing his work of reform, Solon surrendered his extraordinary authority and left the country...
  • departed on 7.7.2006
  • Agora have chosen 7 people (freezy,knihovnik,yossarian,dark matter,jay,zix,ea) to become founders of kyberia obcianske zdruzenie
  • these 7 never did it (reason: juridic hassle due to unjustified confiscation of kyberia servers after nbusr123 hack)
  • "power" got concentrated in hands of 4,3,2,1,0 security-focused coders
  • new features (like "re:" function) became rare, addTemplate and addCode made private, creativity slowly died out
  • toxic egos started leaked more&more through the membrane
  • polis being impotent to kick them out, stupidity flourished...
  • few years, old rifts have re-appeared...
  • originally user registration system
  • should become a system to keep toxic (rapists, brutes, bullys, extremists) egos and their alteregos out of the Polis
  • is semi-permeable: some content is visible for users without registration but only registered users can add new content
  • evolution of clearance-giving authority: I -> group of protectors -> Agora (5 senator votes currently needed)
  • current registration form question:
    Ukaz nieco zo seba, co vies, co dokazes. Neodpovedaj na otazky, ale vyjadri sa svojim sposobom: text, grafika, animacia, hudba...
  • mal-functioning, less people registered, alteregos can easily register
  • proposal: CAMTCHA-based "What is justice?" registration question (Hromada, Robo-philosophy, 2014)
  • 2007: finalist of the best slovak web competition ( )
  • prix for life-lasting contribution to development of slovak Internet
  • first recognition of kyberia's existence within a mainstream culture medium
  • based on text "23 reasons why kyberia is the best Slovak Web" (/id/3391807)
Because she opposes the Establishement since many years and it shall oppose it until she'll become the Establishement.
Prix Ars Electronica
To protect the diversity in the cyberspace...

was the motto with which, in 2013, archipelago of|cz communities had received Honorary Mention in Digital Communities category of Prix Ars Electronica.
  • AEC is something like an Oscar in new media
  • 1st significant international recognition of Kyberia
  • plenty of intellectual property "fixed" in public domain
  • source code published under AGPL licence at
In 2023, we shall aim to win Golden Nica under the motto of
  • still more an amusement website than a full-fledged community
  • from pure website content/form point-of-view kyberia does not surpass 2014 standards
  • the number of active users decreases - used to be >400, is <300 now (losing souls due to drift towards fcbk/twitter/g+?)
  • little added value: weak real-life impact, discord and even hate among users, no vision&goal
  • JASSN ("just another stupid social network")
  • in 2020, kyberia could be practically dead...
  • polis
    Negatives aside, Kybca is still alive and kickin!
  • active for more than >12years (cca half of one human generation)
  • a seed environment for many important activist groups (dekriminalizacia, CykloKoalicia, Progressbar, Zeleny asfalt) etc.
  • exerted influence upon new generation of slovak IT-entrepreneurs
  • some users having close ties to certain high-profile politicians
  • art (cinema, theatre, beaux-arts, music) media (radio, TV, journals)
  • and ever-stronger ties with Academia
  • core community size still somewhere around the Dunbar number
  • supported by thousands of mostly benevolent silent observers
  • the very structure of the polis...seems to boost intelligence?
  • meiosis
    Not monolithic expansion but organic reproduction
    is a path to Eternity.

  • the Kyberia Archipelago
  • the source code is on GitHub
  • - seers of Bohemia, we need You, now!
  • - just a special old dog's bookshop
  • ;)? - IOLKAS o.z.
  • the Soma Festivities
  • वएचित्र्यम्́ प्र́क्र्तधर्मह् सम́नम्́ न भविस्́यति.
    Vaecitryaḿ prákrtadharmah samánaḿ na bhaviśyati.
    Diversity, not sameness, is the law of nature.
    Parallel Democracy Model
    Due to progress of communication and information technology, it is not necessary anymore that the decision-makers shall meet at one point in time in order to give their vote to the value they want to activate. Even the condition that they must meet in one place is weakened since the vote-giving place can be purely virtual. and domains are domains where first tentatives to implement such a system were implemented "in vivo" for a limited set of variables. The aggregated voting of already registered users determine the number of votes which a registration application of a new user needs to obtain in order to be accepted. senators can decide what motto shall be displayed at the top of the page - the option which receive the biggest number of votes becomes the active title.

    Any senator can add or vote for such options in Agora's system configure section. (/id/5604218/)
    described in article "Parallel Democracy Model and its first implementations in the cyberspace" (revue Teoria Politica, 2012)
    Thanks to PDM, overall functioning of kyberia's system shall be automatically reconfigured according to aggregated will of kyberia's users.

    And there are "neurons" and "K-filters" and other esoteric features.

    Kyberia's search engine will become semantic and (geo)metric.

    And there are and there shall be bots and artificial agents.
    * *
    For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face.
    5-Guild System
    5 guilds shall there be, for equilibrium shall they thrive
    • guild of cryptopoets
    • guild of hackers
    • guild of exchange and transport
    • guild of culture and nurture
    • guild of chaos and circus
    shall be described in Caesarion, Discordion, Triskellion trilogy
    Pretože Kybča..ty niesi len jedna z mnohých.

    Si naše ráno,
    keď sa zobúdzame.
    Si náš deň,
    keď máme pracovať,
    a si aj naša noc,
    keď máme spať.
    Nevieme bez Teba žiť
    a neáme si Ťa vziať.

    (node 4385344 by id naberacka)
    thanks for Your attention

    hromi at giver dot eu

    slava Ukrajine