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0. Who am I and why am I here ?


AE43 ...

AE40 ...

Who ?

inceptor of slovak digital community

assisted Pavol & Juraj in creation of 1st Slovak hackerspace

since 2018 Juniorprofessor of Digital Education at Berlin University of the Arts / Einstein Center Digital Future

Why ?

honor to be invited to "the castle Time"

observing cryptocurrency scene from cca 2010 / AE40

kyberia played an important role in adoption of crypto in Central-European space (c.f. juraj's forum founded in 2.1.2011)

in love with secp256k1, ed25519 and other juicy curves

dissatisfaction with direction in which crypto- scene is evolving

1. Coinz, religion, power

Statement 1.1 :: Sentiments which You have vis-a-vis BTC contain a significant religious component

sentiments of awe, greatness and gratefulness

association with onthological terms ("omnipresence", "omniscience", "guarant of truth")

important mythical / narrative component

quasi-divine authority attributed to scripts of "founding father(s)"

faith on par with reason

tendency to interpret plethora of diverse phenomena through the BTC-prism & associated ideology (e.g. certain schools of economical thought)

if phenomenon does not fit the prism or ideology it is reduced / accommodated to it

difficulty of rational argumentation

evangelism & proselytism

The Hyperion Reference :: Power of beads, trinkets & bits of glass

[Never underestimate
/Ummon says/

the power of a few beads

and trinkets

and bits of glass

over avaricious natives]

Statement 1.2 :: Religion & Power are two sides of the same coin.

It's about understanding, mastery and governance of techniques and technologies which are opaque to "great many".

Definition 1 :: Power

"Macht bedeutet jede Chance, innerhalb einer sozialen Beziehung den eigenen Willen auch gegen Widerstreben durchzusetzen, gleichviel worauf diese Chance beruht." 

"The probability that one actor within a social. relationship will be in a position to carry out his own will despite resistance, regardless of the basis on which this probability rests." (Max Weber, Economy & Society)

3. 23 reasons why a BTC monotheist stance is not a symptom of lucid intelligence

Reasons 3-22 ...

... will not be presented today.

But please, next time You speak a journalist, be so kind & honest and remind them that BTC mining is not about solving about "very difficult mathematical problems" but about blind, costly &  potentially quite wasteful generation of random nonces.

Reason 2: Luck != Intelligence

"Don’t confuse being lucky with being smart. One of the biggest issues in our industry is a lot of early adopters who have bizarre philosophies that aren’t necessarily right got really rich, really quickly. And they think because they got really rich, really quickly, that’s a justification or a validation of their brilliance and of their philosophy, and that their philosophy is right. 

They just keep doubling down and doubling down and doubling down..."

(Charles Hoskinson on the Power of Crypto and Mongolian Hunting Falcons)

Reason 1 : Inability to adapt

Reason 0 : (Crypto-)security

4. From cy(be|ph)er- to (solar|bio|nano)punk : Toward new narratives

Welcome to the world of solar-powered AIs, avatars & artefacts !

Magic Wand 0

& establish the base for (bio|nano)punk

No freedom of mind without proper education. 

Let's start building Young Lady's Illustrated Primer

Join the 2021 edition of the DigiEdu Hackathon 

Leb Wohl, cy(be|ph)er- punk, Ahoj solarpunk !

... can we get over that cy(be|ph)erpunk narrative, please ?

A cy(be|ph)erpunk narrative:

evil corporations produce evil technology

states (which are - as every well-educated libertarian ought to know - the most evil of all ) misuse evil technology to attain Goal so diabolic that no formula can describe it

all actors are corrupt but some occasional heroes do not know it yet

agents, drugs, femmes-de-joie & ultra (sic!) secret codes everywhere...

summa summarum:

homo homini lupus

silicon defeated the organic

all is ***ked up, put on Your sun-glasses & deal with it, 'bro

Hey Dude ...

Epilogue : Equity Lords

The longevity of "the Project" of the neo-Victorian tribe is, at least in Stephenson's vision, assured by:

Common Eco(nom|log)ical Protocol

internal unwritten codex consensually shared by majority of Lords of Equity

Congratz, You made it !

You are the new aristocracy. 

You are the Lords (&Ladies) of Equity.

Dune Reference :: Governance & Aristocracy

“Governments, if they endure, always tend increasingly toward aristocratic forms. No government in history has been known to evade this pattern. And as the aristocracy develops, government tends more and more to act exclusively in the interests of the ruling class - whether that class be hereditary royalty, oligarchs of financial empires, or entrenched bureaucracy."

- Politics as Repeat Phenomenon: Bene Gesserit Training Manual

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